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I posted this 'rebuttal' on rip off report but want to make sure it gets some exposure so I am copying it here:

Thank you for filing this report! It couldn't be more spot on! I saw this particular chiropractor a few months before your report is dated and he took me to town for a grand with little to no results! I prepaid; that's the only reason I stayed on so long. It's like he just completely ignored my symptoms/concerns for therapy and put me on his own agenda for rehabilitation.

Actually, no, he said he would address my concerns and agreed with me on several points regarding my future treatment. And then followed through on near to none of them! My situation was similar to your own. I had a hip region injury actually not at all affecting even my lumbar spine and i continually received thoracic and cervical adjustments in addition to the adjustments i really needed plus, as you mentioned, the spinal scans (not of the affected area) and other unnecessary tests to boot. I say unessary because after all I had to pay for them!

In addition, i specifically requested ART for my treatment, of which i received I think 3 of 20 sessions including the tissue massage. And like you said, no rehabilitation exercises! I mean oh my god! What chiropractor prescribes no type of exercise at all? One who wants your business again and again and forever because you'll never get better. Moreover when I did eventually get to the long awaited exercise session with his therapist, I was told how to do basic stretches (ie. hamstring stretches, neck stretches, side stretches) you know, the ones you think of when you think of stretching at all. Not at all relevant to my injury! And i just have to mention that he knew beforehand of my moderate to excellent know-how on proper stretching given my background as an athlete. Did he think I would be learning something?

The list goes on!

To compare, both the chiropractor I saw before and after him treated me and within weeks my symptoms subsided markedly. I hope this case hits the spotlight and eventually even wins some refunds for those who were taken advantage of by this individual. And in the name of alternative medicine! What shame!

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Thank you for reposting!I'm sorry you had to go through the same thing I did.

I understand completely, it was a horrible experience and I do not like the feeling of being scammed!

I appreciate you reposting and spreading this around.It's one step closer of giving him a bad name and making people aware so it does not happen to more people.

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